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NCAA Investigating Auburn Football

People have been asking about Auburn’s football recruiting for a long time now, since the news about Cam Newton broke in the middle of the 2010 season. Now it appears those people will get their wish, as Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the NCAA is investigating Auburn’s recent recruitment efforts.

The investigation centers around Jovon Robinson and is focused on two issues:

  • The circumstances of the fraudulent grade change on Robinson’s transcripts; and
  • Robinson’s relationship with a PE teacher at his high school who from the initial information looks like a prime candidate to be labeled an Auburn booster.

This could be part of the larger investigation that has been reported of the prep football environment in Memphis. Two Auburn coaches have been roped into the investigation enough to get them pulled off the recruiting trail, according to Yahoo!. Wide-ranging investigation that results in specific violations plus involvement of coaches would be a big coup for the NCAA.

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