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Indiana’s AD Glass With Reasonable NCAA Criticism

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass had some of the most reasonable criticism of the NCAA from a school who got an adverse decision in some time:

“The current people working at the NCAA who are vested in maintaining the integrity of the rules should not be criticized,” Glass said. “We violated that rule. We screwed up. We should get a secondary violation.”

Glass did not criticize the process and did not claim that Indiana was being singled out. He did say the penalty was too harsh based on what IU believes are mitigating factors, hence the appeal. And he said the rule needs to be changed:

“I think the rule should change so that we have some sort of time exception,” Glass said. “… The policy makers need to make a change. I don’t want to criticize the enforcement staff because they did what they had to do. But we ought to carve out some common sense exceptions to this thing.”

Unlike a lot of NCAA hand-wringing, Glass separates process from the rules and is not shouting about consistency while simultaneously asking the NCAA to ignore the rules. He wants a rule to be changed, but accepts that the NCAA must enforce it as long as the schools keep it on the books.

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