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What You Should Do After the Early Signing Period

Our first article about the early signing period talks about the benefits of signing an NLI and how athletes can receive an early scholarship offer. Now, our focus shifts to an analysis of what happens after the early signing period and what this time means for other student-athletes that did not sign an NLI.

Now the Dust Has Settled

Coaches go after the top athletes on their recruiting boards during the early signing period. They want to get the top recruits to commit before National Signing Day in early February, but most scholarships are signed later in the year; there are still plenty of opportunities out there for athletes. Research what recruits were signed by what schools to get a better idea of the remaining opportunities. Paying attention to what recruits a school signs helps you figure out what schools you should continue to actively pursue. If a school signed a few athletes that play your position, you should probably look elsewhere.

What Can You Do After the Early Signing Period?

Once it’s over, the events of the early signing period should tell you more about your position in recruiting. Have coaches contacted you after the signing period to discuss scholarship opportunities? That means that you are at the top of their list after they either signed some athletes early, or struck out with all of their early offers. Take advantage of your good fortune and really whittle down your top choices and make the best decision.

Maybe you aren’t as lucky as some of the top remaining senior recruits. That’s ok because the time for you to get your foot in the door happens right after the early signing period.

Start contacting coaches to find out what positions and athletes they still need to sign in February. Maybe you are what they are looking for, but they will never know it if you don’t reach out to them!

Re-contact Coaches You Previously Spoke To

Maybe coaches didn’t quite sign all the athletes they thought they were going to sign. Directly after the end of the early signing period (it ends November 21st, 2012), you need to start re-contacting the coaches you may have fallen out of touch with. Find out how their recruiting board looks now that it may have been shaken up a bit. Opportunities open at schools that previously had you lower on their recruiting list. Whatever you do, don’ wait too long after the early signing period to contact coaches though, because you may miss out on a great chance.

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