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NCAA Taking Interest in High School Transfer

Darius Paige’s transfer from Washington High in Florida to Foley High in Alabama rankled most non-Alabama SEC fans when it was alleged that a coach at Alabama pushed Paige to transfer and that the prospect would “be taken care of academically” at Foley High. Now the NCAA has taken an interest:

Sources close to the situation have confirmed to the News Journal that NCAA associate director of enforcement Renee Gomila will be in Pensacola this week to interview Washington officials about Paige. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing NCAA investigation.

This story is rapidly approaching circus status if it is not there already. Two officials at Washington High were reprimanded for FERPA violations. The athletic director at Washington was found accessing recruiting sites from school computers with usernames like “tigerbait65” and allegedly pushing Paige to LSU.

Now the NCAA is getting involved, to the delight of the same fans who were up in arms over the summer. Not only was the fact of the investigation leaked, but even the name of the individual NCAA investigator is public now. Flight tracking of recruits or planes from Indianapolis are probably not far off.

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