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UCLA Waiting on NCAA for Anderson and Muhammad

Comments like this in reports about NCAA investigations are always interesting:

A month ago, people in and around the UCLA basketball program expected a quick end to the NCAA investigation of freshman Kyle Anderson.

Who were these people “in and around” the UCLA basketball program? Were they the coaches and basketball staff, who always expect (and often demand) a quick resolution? Or does it include the compliance staff, who is tasked with assembling the information and who is in more frequent contact with the NCAA.

Robert Orr, the attorney representing Shabazz Muhammad, also had this gem of a quote.

“Shabazz didn’t even turn 18 until November of 2011 and until he signed with UCLA in April of this year was not under NCAA jurisdiction,” Orr said.

Saying something like that to a newspaper shows a lack of understanding about the NCAA and its rules. If what Orr says is true, then it would be perfectly fine for a recruit to accept anything from a school during the recruiting process, with no effect on their eligibility, because the recruit is not subject to NCAA rules until the recruiting process is over.

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