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How to Jump-start Your College Recruiting if You Hit a Roadblock

Did you get off to a good start in your college recruiting, but have since hit a road block? Maybe you received some initial interest from coaches, played at a few camps, and even registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center; but now, the trail has gone cold.

Don’t declare your college opportunities dead just yet. There are still things you can do to maximize your chances of competing in college.

Create a New Highlight Film

When did you last send a coach your highlight film? Sending coaches outdated film from previous seasons doesn’t spark a ton of interest. Create a new film that highlights your most recent athletic achievements. A new film will give you an opportunity to re-contact the coaches you already talked with and show them your improvements.

Make sure you update your sports resume as well, which also gives you an opportunity to reach out to coaches. You never want to send an updated video out with an old resume.

Contact Coaches You Previously Spoke To

Were there any coaches you spoke to that had you on their recruiting list, but with several athletes ahead of you? After some time has passed and you’ve lost touch with those coaches (unless you are extra proactive and you haven’t lost touch with them), try reaching out to them again. Who knows what happened to those athletes above you on the list. Maybe they have committed elsewhere or decided not continue their athletic careers. Swoop in and steal an opportunity.

Expand Your Search

There are hundreds of schools (even thousands for some sports) that offer the sport you are looking for. How many have you really researched? If you only talk to 10, 20, or even 30 schools, you ignore anywhere from 70-95% of the schools that you could potentially play for.

How bad do you want to play your sport? If finding the right academic fit means more than continuing your athletic career, that’s ok, but if you want to seize a scholarship opportunity than start looking at more schools.

Try Something Different

If you send emails to coaches and the correspondence dies, try contacting him a different way. Phone calls allow athletes to get in touch with coaches much quicker than an email. Coaches get hundreds of emails a day, but not nearly as many phone calls.

You can also try contacting them on social media. Direct message coaches on Twitter, or Facebook Message them if you want another way to get in contact.

Research Recruiting Services

If you need to give your recruiting a jolt, considering the use of a recruiting service can give that needed bump to your recruiting. A service will help you find the college that best fits your needs. Most also offer online profiles and invite coaches to log into their network to view athletes. Unlike going about recruiting on your own, with a service you will always have your profile out there for coaches to view; that doesn’t mean you won’t have to any work to get recruited, or that you should stop sending emails and calling coaches, but it does mean your chances increase. Not to mention all of the support and resources you get along with the added exposure.

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