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NCAA Rescinds Ban on Photo Filters in Recruiting Emails

The NCAA has acted quickly to respond to the fervor over the a ban on a use of filters like those in Instagram in on photos used in recruiting emails. The NCAA posted this to their website:

“There is no NCAA ban of Instagram. Schools just can’t alter the content of photos – and to be clear, we do not consider Instagram’s filters as content alteration – and then email them directly to recruits.”

The most important part of the statement is bolded. The Education Column that contained the language which prohibited use of those filters on photos sent to prospects is being updated and will be reissued by the NCAA.

This is a nice, quick response and a good change to the rule. The NCAA has to tread carefully when responding to public outcry over rules, but in this case it made sense. Alter the actual content of a photo, the scene itself, would be a personalized recruiting aid, which has been prohibited for a long time. Applying filters to alter the coloring of the entire photo is not, and as of now is permitted.

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