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NCAA Clears Evansville’s Lithuanian Big Man

The NCAA is often accused of discriminating or punishing international athletes, so it is always good when one is fully cleared to play like Evansville’s Egidijus Mockevicius:

The NCAA sought Mockevicius’ high school records and information from his former school, the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, where he didn’t play intercollegiate athletics. Mockevicius did, however, play for the Lithuanian national team, which had to provide documentation to the NCAA proving amateur status.

The college records were likely sought to figure out exactly when Mockevicius enrolled in college, which would be relevant to knowing if he had used eligibility under delayed enrollment rules and when his five-year clock started. The amateurism side of the Eligibility Center was probably looking at what expenses or benefits Mockevicius received from the Lithuanian national team.

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