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Boise State Accepts Reaffirmed Penalties

The NCAA Committee on Infractions was directed by the Infractions Appeals Committee to review the scholarship reductions imposed on Boise State. Yesterday the COI refused to reduce the penalties. In doing so, the COI consistently returned to one point:

The failure of the athletics department to listen to warnings and provide the appropriate response when alerted to potential violations by the NCAA.

The COI report is littered with references to how, after being warned by the enforcement staff in 2009, Boise State continued to arrange for incoming football players to stay with enrolled student-athletes. Essentially the message from the COI is “Not only did we find that you lacked institutional control, but when the NCAA tried to help, you ignored us.”

The report is, at the very least, a more detailed reasoning for the penalties. That alone is a positive, even if it is not a move to hold closer to precedent. But we will not find out if that reasoning satisfied the Infractions Appeals Committee because Boise State does not plan to appeal. Although the Broncos did make it know they were not pleased:

“The Infractions Appeals Committee favorably recognized that Boise State had a compelling case for reconsideration of an appropriate penalty,” Boise State President Bob Kustra said in the statement. “However, the Committee on Infractions disregarded the ruling. We will abide by the decision, but we are disappointed in the outcome and the lack of meaningful review.”

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