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Two VCU Freshmen Receive Partial Waivers

Two incoming freshmen on the VCU basketball team will not be permitted to play this season:

[Jordan] Burgess, a 6-foot-4, 210-pound wing from Benedictine who is considered a top 100 recruit, was given only partial approval under the NCAA’s initial eligibility standards. He will be allowed to practice and remain on scholarship. [Mo] Alie-Cox, a 6-6, 260 forward from Middleburg Academy in Middleburg, was given a lesser degree of partial approval. He will not be allowed to practice but will remain on scholarship.

Both players repeated their junior year after transferring. That likely explains the partial waivers. They were likely nonqualifiers who missed the 16 core courses because the NCAA requires them to be earned in four years. Their GPAs and test scores were likely decent, but not high enough to earn full waivers.

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