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Emailing Coaches: This is How You Get a Coach to Respond to Emails

If you’ve started your athletic career without worrying about how to continue playing sports in college then you may have already dug yourself into a deep hole. This is the mentality high school athletes need to shake from their Emailing Coaches: This is How You Get a Coach to Respond to Emailssystem if they plan to make it as a college athlete.

Junior and senior year is the time when potential recruits find out which colleges are interested in them and it’s also the time for you to realize college coaches are not contacting you.

If you are 100% positive you want to compete at the next level then get started now. Stop waiting for college coaches to show up at your games; stop thinking a DI college will be there waiting to give you a full-ride when they don’t even know who you are. It’s up to you to make the most out of your recruitment, so start making contact with coaches now!

Whether you have just began your process or you have been sending out emails and calling coaches, you need to know- coaches will have many reasons for not getting back to you, including:

  • They don’t know who you are.
  • They may not think you’re a good fit for their team.
  • They don’t respond to athletes from the first email.
  • They need to see video footage before they are able to make judgments.

Knowing the reasons why coaches and scouts are not contacting you will definitely give you an advantage in your recruitment in more ways than you know. It means you will have to think smarter and do more to get the responses you are looking for.

Steps to Take When Dealing with a Coach’s Unresponsiveness:

  • So the coach doesn’t know you- tell them who you are. Provide them with a unique and informative sports resume.
  • Tell them why you are a good fit for their team. Do background research and let them know you are familiar with their playing style. Inform them about your experiences and why you should be considered a serious competitor.
  • Keep coaches informed about your season, goals you’ve made, and awards you receive. Tell them why you want to play for them- be as specific as possible.
  • Do more then tell the coaches about yourself- show them! Send out updated video footage as your season progresses. Tell them your progress and what you’ve been working on.

As an athlete you take loss with stride; you don’t give up, you refocus and try better next time. This is exactly the kind of mentality student-athletes need to have to succeed in the field and during their recruitment.

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