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AAU Coach Tony Edwards Cleared by NCAA

Among the four AAU teams which the NCAA banned from summer tournaments was the SEBL Elite All-Stars. SEBL was connected to agent Andy Miller through one of its coaches, Tony Edwards. Last week though, the NCAA cleared Edwards, finding insufficient evidence to establish a connection between Edwards and Miller:

“The NCAA was concerned whether there was a business relationship, if I had ever worked for or done work in association with the sports agent, not just Andy Miller, but any sports agency or anything along those lines,” Edwards said. “There just was no relationship other than an acquaintance or that we know each other.”

SEBL was different than the other three teams in that it was not required to disband in order to allow the prospects on the team to continue playing. Edwards was simply disassociated from the program, which indicated from the start that the possible connection between Edwards and Miller was more tenuous than the other teams.

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