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Naval Weapons Systems Class at UNC Under Scrutiny

UNC’s ongoing investigations into possible academic fraud involving no-show classes with high student-athlete enrollment have focused on the African American studies department. But the News & Observer has found another class that the university will need to look at:

One class particularly stands out: Naval Weapons Systems, or NAVS 302, which met in the spring of 2007. Of 38 students in the class, 30 were athletes.

Yours truly is quoted in the article as well. The fact that UNC may have had relatively easy courses that attracted student-athletes is not notable. But we would expect 300-level naval sciences courses and 400-level independent study courses in African American studies to be challenging. “Easy” or “fun” classes like History of Rock and Roll exist on every campus. But a class like Naval Weapons Systems normally does not fall into that category. UNC’s job now is to find out if that was the case, and if so why.

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