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FARs and Basketball Coaches Sing Same Tune at Conference

Both faculty athletics representatives and basketball coaches echoed similar concerns over new academic requirements at a meeting of Division I FARs and athletic directors in Dallas:

As a member of the NCAA’s Academic Cabinet, John Bruno, the faculty athletics representative at Ohio State University, believes in the need for tougher academic standards for incoming athletes. But during Sunday’s meeting, he questioned whether the NCAA would face a barrage of waivers to prevent that from happening. Others questioned if ESPN and the other television networks are ready for a potentially watered-down spectacle. “There are forces at work that would like for these rules to not be as strict,” Bruno said.

Many more initial eligibility center waivers may be filed in August 2016, but that does not mean the NCAA has to approve them. And between the combination of kids who “find a way” no matter what the requirements are and the fact that the new rules will not (or at least should not) keep prospects from enrolling in college, the long-term impact to the on-field or on-court product is likely to be minimal.

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