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#1 Recruiting Corner: Character in college recruiting

Welcome to The Recruiting Corner, our weekly web series aimed at keeping you in the front seat of your recruiting!

We are to be discussing everything regarding recruiting so that you have an opportunity to do your best and hopefully GET RECRUITED! Some of topics we will be covering will touch on the latest and greatest recruiting tips, NCAA/NAIA/Junior College rules changes and news, athlete interviews, and more. If at any point you would like to participate in one of our broadcasts we encourage you to send questions to our social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. If you send your questions or comments in, you could find them in a segment on the show!

We thought it would be best to start our show’s series off with one of the most important aspects a recruit with come across during their recruiting- Character. Not just any character but our very own unique character that each and everyone one of us carries around and shows off every day. Since we are walking around with this character and showing it off, how exactly are you presenting yourself on an everyday basis? Before anyone can answer that question it’s important to understand exactly what the term character means. Character is a culmination of everything you represent, it is how you present yourself, how you were raised, how you act, how you dress, how you talk, the people you hang around, your work ethic, etc. Much can be thought and learned about you just by someone getting to know that type of character you have.

This is important because coaches take character evaluations of their athletes heavily into consideration when thinking about extending a scholarship opportunity or just initially recruiting an athlete. Many athletes have made it or broke it on their ability to impress or disappoint a coach on the person they are during these evaluations. The scary part of the situation is that you, as an athlete, never really have a real idea of when you are being judged or evaluated. You could be being evaluated while a coach is sitting in your living room talking to you about their team, while you are at a camp working hard or goofing around during drills, or even while you are on the field and they are in the stands. Fact is, coaches are always watching whether you are aware of it or not and it is up to you to always present the best side of who you are. Again I will ask, how exactly are you presenting yourself on an everyday basis? Is it enough to impress a coach or will it cause question on your abilities as a recruit?

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