Boise State Seeks Waiver to Help Homeless Football Recruit

Antoine Turner overcame a lot just to become a junior college football player and Boise State signee. His mom passed away when he was four from cancer, he got caught up in gang activity in New Orleans, stayed in the city through Hurricane Katrina and lost 90 pounds while homeless in California. Turner has one more hurdle to overcome before joining Boise State for summer workouts though:

Unbelievably, Antoine explains that he’s now homeless again. With his uncle living in a government subsidized house, regulations forced Antoine to leave.

That means Antoine will spend the final six week before his arrival in Boise on June 6, staying in motels when he has money, and sleeping in [girlfriend] R’Mya’s car when he doesn’t.

The story on KTVB lead to an outpouring of support from Boise State fans who wanted to help Turner. But Boise State’s compliance office cautioned fans that NCAA rules prevent boosters from simply donating money, goods, or services to Turner. But the school is looking for a way:

Once Mr. Turner arrives on campus for the start of the summer school program, he will be well taken care of–receiving full tuition, room and board, books, fees etc. In the meantime, the compliance office is exploring a potential waiver with the NCAA that would allow us to provide assistance prior to the start of summer school.

Such a waiver could allow Boise State to bring Turner to campus before the start of summer school and provide him with housing and meals. Perhaps BSU might even be able to arrange for Turner to stay with another football player, this time with the blessing of the NCAA just weeks after the Broncos exited probation for their “couch-surfing” violation.

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  1. Joe Haight

    This is the kind of thing that the NCAA needs to address. There should not be any question or reason for a petition. That they quickly a dress this issue, and help the players more than their own pockets.

  2. Wow. Where in the world has obvious common sense gone? Its a little different to be able to a homeless player survive than buying players cars, jewelry, and prostitutes. The law treats these exactly the same and its just ridiculous.

  3. Quisno

    It is truly sad that in a nation which prides itself on its compassion that this monster must raise its ugly head. A nation so afraid of elite control that people make little difference. On rules and regulations which stay the hands of progress for the people this nation was built for.
    Look at this from its realistic view. Only This Government of state or Federal can engineer what is right for the people and this is done through the very Constitution which enumerates the law for the Federal Government not for the people whos rights are maintained from the bill of rights.
    Federal intrusion like the NCAA which can make laws which disparage peoples rights by laws which discriminate against their position and person.
    do any of you see what im saying? A young homeless man held in a situation whereby he must grovel at the feet of his oppressor. when that oppressor was made in fact to help his needs but dismisses his standing under God.
    Our nation is in trouble people and we better as people get handle on it before it destroys us.

    • Uplook

      Agree with you. However the NCAA is not a government agency. It is a private or commercially owned entity that the colleges voluntarily join in order to avoid the chaos of no rules at all. It needs to lighten up or “wise up” and remove food and temporary lodging from the “forbidden” list of benefits that normally only signees can receive. But lets not blame the federal government for something it has nothing to do with. The big bad brother or government gets enough blame. Thanks for listening.

    • I agree with you. However the NCAA is a private or commercial entity that has nothing to do with the federal government. It makes its own rules that drastically need to be adjusted for common sense and reason. The Feds do enough stupid stuff without being blamed for something they have nothing to do with.

  4. Mtngrannie

    Hey NCAA Im not a booster, I don’t donate money, I can’t afford tickets. I do have a house with an extra bed. He can stay here! For goodness sake, HE IS A KID!! Allow him the decency of a place to sleep and some food.

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