Eligibility Unclear for Indiana’s Perea and Jurkin

After Indiana University’s exhibition win over Indiana Wesleyan, IU head coach Tom Crean addressed the eligibility of Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin:

“What I can say about that is that we go through a lot in a program,” he said. “There’s situations that are always going to arise and every one of them has got a process to it. And we’re in the middle of that process. We just are. That’s the extent of it. They’re two great kids that are trying to get better every day and it’s not like it’s anything that we’re dealing with that just came up. It’s been a process for some time. And that’s really where we’re at with it.”

When asked if Indiana was still waiting on Perea and Jurkin to be cleared by the NCAA, Crean has been very coy, talking about a process they had to go through without expressly saying they were waiting for the NCAA. But Jurkin played in the exhibition game, which would suggest he has his amateurism certification from the NCAA:

Bylaw – Eligibility for Practice or Competition.
Prior to engaging in practice or competition, a student-athlete shall receive a final certification of amateur status based on activities that occur prior to his or her request for final certification or initial full-time enrollment at an NCAA Division I or II institution (whichever occurs earlier).

Competition includes any competition: foreign tours, alumni games, closed-door scrimmages, and exhibitions in additions to regular season games. Jurkin played, so he had to have gotten some sort of decision from the NCAA. Perea may have too, but since he did not play in the exhibition, we can’t know for sure.

As far as what the decision for Jurkin is, there are a few possibilities:

  • A final certification, but Indiana is checking out potential amateurism issues on their own.
  • A final certification, but Indiana is checking out other eligibility issues, like the use of seasons of eligibility.
  • A final certification that includes a suspension for regular season games, and Indiana just hasn’t told anyone.
  • A waiver to play in the exhibition while certification is ongoing (which would be more or less unprecedented).

Even with the uncertainty, on the plus side Jurkin has received some sort of clearance to start playing, even in a game that doesn’t count. On the other hand, it is not comforting that the two players who appear to have eligibility issues outstanding are both centerpieces in Mike Fish’s article on their AAU program last year

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  1. Justin Harrison

    The bylaw cited is with respect to “practice or competition.” Since both Jurkin and Perea have reportedly been practicing, I don’t see how playing in the exhibition game suggests anything that we didn’t already know. Both players must have received a final certification or a waiver or IU has violated Bylaw

    • johninfante

      The bylaw I didn’t include was the one right after it, Bylaw That allows for athletes to temporarily practice for 45 days while waiting for certification, but not to play. So the fact that Jurkin played means he is not operating under that temporary certification.

      Now at this point, we’re getting near the end of any reasonable 45 day period, so you’re right, in that case Jurkin playing in the game means nothing. But my larger point would still stand: the NCAA has issued them some sort of decision or certification, but we have no idea what and it sounds like IU is continuing to investigate.

  2. A final certification that includes a suspension for regular season games, and Indiana just hasn’t told anyone…I think this one is the answer. I would hedge a bet that we will hear about a lengthy regular season suspension realtively soon.

    • johninfante

      Once it gets past nine or ten games though, often the suspension jumps up to a full season. And if a full season suspension was on the table, Jurkin would not have played last night.

      • That’s why we’ll see an 8-10 game suspension. I would say the university knows by now and are waiting to make it official sometime before the first game next week. Both would then be eligible a few games before the Big Ten season begins.

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