Kerdiles Suspended One Year by NCAA, Wisconsin Appealing

Nic Kerdiles, who missed his first exhibition game with lingering questions surrounding his eligibility, has been suspended by the NCAA for one year, a decision that Wisconsin is appealing. But what has come to light publicly still does not support a one-year suspension:

In the picture, you can see the three players holding up and promoting supplements from BioSteel Sports.

BioSteel claims to be, “The healthiest and safest system of High Performance Sports Drinks and Nutritional Protein Shakes in sports.”

The tweet from the agent reads, “@pulversports: @BioSteelSports at NHL Combine @NicKerdiles @AGally94 and the Yak. @Igor_Larionov @dtolensky”

Perhaps if Kerdiles had received compensation for promoting BioSteel, a one-year suspension might be in order. But so far, all that we know was that he was involved with a photo that, normally, would not carry a suspension.

What it looks like is that Kerdiles and Pulver Sports seemed to be very close. Closer than might be necessary for the agency to simply advise Kerdiles regarding the NHL draft and possible contract offers. That raises the possibility of more serious violations involving athletes and sports agents.

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    • No, the NCAA is not required at all. In some high profile cases, the NCAA may put out a release announcing the penalties and the nature of the violations. But it is hard to tell whether they will do that with this case, so there is no time frame. When Kerdiles’ appeal is over, UW may announce something though.

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