(Defensive Positions) How Big Do You Need To Be To Play College Football?

This is the follow up graphic from yesterday with the average, maximum and minimum size of college football players for defensive positions. Consistently, the D1-A players are an inch or two taller and 10-15 lbs heavier. Also, when looking at these numbers keep in mind these are all college players, and the weights you see listed for many of the positions include seniors who have had four to five years of weight training to reach those weights.

Football by Defensive

Something that is common in the D1-A football is for coaches to recruit the best athletes they can find and move them to defensive positions. This is especially true for positions like safety, corner and sometime linebacker. At these positions, the height is not as valuable as speed and strength.

However, positions on the defensive line are more difficult to fill because they require a more specific body type. This is especially true at the defensive end position. It is not a coincidence that the #1 football recruit in the country two of the last three years have played the defensive end position. Looking back to 2011, Jadeveon Clowney measure in at 6’6” 245lbs coming out of high school. The consensus #1 recruit for the class of 2013 is Robert Nkemdiche another freak Defensive End at 6’5” 260lbs.

The best way to use this graphic as a potential college football player is to be realistic about your prospects in college. Height and weight are not the only measure of a football player, but when coaches are faced with looking through recruiting class of thousands of athletes they often break their searches down by height and weight at the start. That is why as an undersized player, it is so difficult to get coaches attention in the recruiting process.

Do you play offense as well?

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  1. Anthony Isichei

    Hi I want to play American Football for an NCAA FBS Team. I currently play for London Blitz. Is it possible for me to get a scholarship and how. I am 14 and hope to get one at 17. I am 140lbs 5″8 at the moment. I am very athletic with a 12.5 in the 100m and a good vertical reach. I am only 14 and I am still honing my skills

    • David Frank

      Getting recruited as an international athlete it is critical you get film together. I would recommend two things moving forward. First, make sure you get film of all of your games and plan on making a highlight video and putting it online. Second, get all of your combine numbers verified by a trusted source. Once you do all of that you can begin emailing coaches and seeing who might be interested. Good luck.

    • David Frank

      I would work with you high school coach and see what kind of help they can offer. Also, you need to get a highlight tape together. Once you have that tape, you can begin emailing college coaches. Also, have you created a recruiting profile on our site? Based on your size, I am sure you profile will get a lot of views and that can help in getting discovered by coaches.

  2. Anonymous

    Im 6’2″ 215ibs and a 15 year old sophmore and I started varsity at DE this year i made a profile on this site but what else should I do? I would like to play D1 or D2 football

    • David Frank

      You need to put together a list of schools that you are interested and begin emailing the coaches. Make sure you have a link to your highlight film in your emails to coaches.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m a 5’11 195lbs safety from kahuku high school in hawaii! I’m a sophmore and was pulled up to play safety on varsity! I want to get a scholarship from D1… What can I do? Mahalo

    • David Frank

      You have the size to catch coaches attention, the next step is doing the things to get more exposure. It will be critical you take advantage of all of the camps and combines in Hawaii over the spring and summer. Second, it is critical each year you make a highlight tape and make sure to email that to the coaches and the schools you are mos interested in. Here is more information on the process of emailing college coaches.

  4. Anonymous

    I am 6’2″, 205 lbs. I am only 15 and played varsity as a freshman, I only played the second half because of our senior running back, but I also played MLB as well. I want to play D1-D2 ball just wondering what I could do to get as much attention from schools cause we are only a double A school in MN. I run a 11.9 100 meter and a 25.16, 200 meter. I am also leg pressing 500 lbs as well, thank you for your time.

    • David Frank

      You have the size to play at the college level, but it is difficult to say what division level is right for you without seeing film. What you should do first is get together a highlight film and begin emailing coaches at the schools you are most interested in. Make sure to include your coaches contact information because coaches will need to respond to them to coordinate a time for you to talk with them. Once you have your highlight film, please send it to us and I can review it. Good luck.

  5. Anonymous

    hey I am a 6’5 250lb offensive tackle/defensive tackle. I have a 2.5 9-12 gpa, Act and Sat have not been taken yet. I run a 5.4 40. bench 245, squat 350 and have no film for junior season. I would have to depend on my senior year for the possibility of a football scholarship. do you think I have a chance to make an impact?

    • David Frank

      At 6’5″ 250 lbs, coaches are going to take notice, it sounds like you have the frame to put on weight and play at the college level. It is critical you get film from your first few games and make a highlight tape to send to coaches right away. However, you shouldn’t wait until the start of your year to contact coaches. You should research schools and begin emailing the coaches at the schools you are interested. If possible, plan on attending their camps. Our free online profiles make this process really easy, but you can do it on your own as well. Good luck.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m transitioning from Junior High to High school and in Dual enrollment So I have two high schools and one is better but the other is offering me a larger chance at varsity on freshman, or sophomore. Which one will I have a better chance of getting scout’s eye. I’m going to the lower ones football camps cause that’s where I live. (I’m 14 years old, 250 pounds, benching around my weight,6″ with shoes, really good 10yrd dash and shuttle, am I good for defensive end?)

    • David Frank

      You want to play at the high school with the highest level of competition. That said, you want to make sure you are going to get playing time as well. You have good size and strength now, but it’s all about how you progress through high school. It will be important to continue to go to camps and combines and consistently play against the best competition, size and combine numbers will take care of themselves with working out. Please let me know if you have more questions.

    • David Frank

      With only knowing your height and not weight, strength or seeing you play, it is impossible to say. Additionally, I don’t know what year in school you are and how big you might get. There are DI players at that position at your height, but without seeing you play I couldn’t say if you are a DI player.

  7. Anonymous

    I play at a 5A high school in Texas and I’m going be a junior next year. I’m 6ft 220 lbs and I’m going be a junior next year. My coach switched me to left tackle and I will be starting on varsity next year. I want to play DI football and I know that even if if my technique and footwork is great at my height I could never play football at that this position. Before getting switched I played outside linebacker and defensive end which I’m way better at but my team needed a tackle and I was the best option so I got switched. Is there a chance of me getting recruited to play defense if I’m playing offense? Even if I attend camps they would have to see game film won’t they?

    • David Frank

      Coaches move recruits to different positions all of the time, this is especially true for linemen. Coaches recruit a lot on size, athleticism and potential. These qualities can be assessed no matter where you are playing. Good luck.

      • Anonymous

        I just finished my season and started all 13 games at left tackle as my team went 3 rounds deep. I am now 6ft1inch almost 6ft2 and run a lasered 4.86 40 yard dash. I was able to make 2 open field tackles on safeties when they had an interception and when making a highlight film I’m thinking of putting those in there. What other type of plays should I add to my highlight tape? Pass protection? Down field blocking? Should I just make it as an average offensive lineman tape? I still weight 220lb and benched 300lb and power cleaned 305lb. What position do you think I will be seen as more fit to play? I’m a great pass rusher and a no miss tackler just don’t have film for it except JV games. Should I add those also?

        • David Frank

          I can’t say what position is best for you in college without seeing you play. The most important thing is that you include your best plays (whatever position you are playing). You want to include all varsity footage from this last year, don’t include old film. Best of luck.

  8. Anonymous

    I played D-4 in Arizona and played corner back for the majority of my senior year and played MLB as well. I am 5’7 163 and can run a 4.65 40 as of my last speed test. I am going to West Point this coming fall as was thinking of being a walk on. I can max bench at 325 and squat 405. Do I have some chance of making the team as a corner or a special teams player?

    • David Frank

      If you have already been accepted to West Point, contact the coach and find out what you need to do to walk-on. The hardest part about West Point is getting in, coaches there are usually willing to give talented athletes like yourself a chance to walk-on.

    • David Frank

      That is very big for a corner, but I wouldn’t be married to the idea of playing a certain position in college. Many coaches have athletes change position when they are at the college level. Are you attending camps and sending out your highlight film?

  9. S. Clark

    I have son, a rising junior, who has played DT on his school’s varsity team since he was a freshman. Last year, as a sophomore, he earned all county and all region honors. Currently, he’s 6’3″ tall, weighs 290 pounds, benches 360 pounds, and squats 565 pounds. His shuttle time is 4.70 seconds. I am concerned that his 40 time might be a bit too slow. His fastest clocked 40 is 5.2 seconds. He generally runs a 5.4 second 40.

    Is a 5.4 second 40 too slow for an interior defensive lineman wanting to play at the FBS level? Will D1-A coaches look the other way?

    • David Frank

      the 40 time for a defensive lineman is not a number coaches pay a lot of attention to. He has good size and excellent strength. You want to do everything you can to continue to reach out to coaches you are interested in playing for and find ways to get more exposure to different programs. Please let me know if you have more questions or if I can help.

  10. Anonymous

    I am a sophmore and will play on Varsity this season at O Gaurd or O Tackle and being only 6 ft and 185 ibs i was wondering if there was another position in college that i could change to, to meet my size

    • David Frank

      As a sophomore you are going to have a lot of time to continue to grow and get bigger. If you grow a couple inches and continue to work out and put on weight you could play o-line in college. If you are interested in playing a different position, I would speak with your coach because without seeing you play, I wouldn’t be able to tell you where you cold play.

  11. Dewarn Heyward

    Hi Im 5’7 205 playing MLB I run a 4’72 going into my sophmore year I bench 200 and squat 320 max this year will be my first year playing varsity and I also play fullback and I want to play d1 football for any college that notices me coming from a 0-10 team we have good athletes just not working together we have the talent and now I think were changing that around but can you help me with some advice on how to get noticed?

    • David Frank

      The most important thing is that you do everything you can to contact coaches and get your highlight film online. Our online profiles are a great way to get your information and video online for coaches. Once you have everything online, you want to begin emailing and calling coaches. Please let me know if you have more questions.

  12. Carl T. Williams, II

    At 5’10 1/2 tall and 264lb Jr. 2 yrs starting Varsity Football desiring to play D-1 Ball. 5.1 (40); 330lb Benchpress; 3.1 gpa (AP Classes). What is chance/opportunity of playing DT at a D1 School?

    • David Frank

      Without seeing your game film and watching you play in person it is impossible for me to answer that question. Coaches recruit lineman (offense and defense) based on where they project them to be after a few years in college. What you need to do is get your information out to coaches, get them to watch your highlight film and play in front of them at camps. Our online profiles help with that process, or you can do it on your own. Let me know if you have more questions and I am happy to help.

  13. I’m a 5′ 10″, 225 lb. So. I run a 4.9, bench 310 and squat 520. I started as a Fr. at OT and play on a successful HS Team. Due to team need, I have been placed exclusively on the line. Until now, I have always been a ILB. I am not likely to ever be big enough for OL or DL (D1). How do I sell my size and talent?

    • David Frank

      There are two things. First, go to camps and combines and get reps with the linebackers. Second, have a conversation with your coach and see if you can try ILB in practice and let him know you would appreciate the opportunity to get some film of you playing ILB. You have to be prepared that if your coach says no, you will need to play on the line. Remember, college coaches have player change positions all of the time. You have LB size, if you show an ability to make plays, coaches will notice and they can pencil you in to change positions.

      Just play hard, see if you can change positions and if you can’t continue to dominate and coaches will notice.

  14. Hi I just started playing d line this year. I have been being moved back and forth between Defensive end and defensive tackle. It just depends on what kind of front we are in for that week. I am 5’9 170 junior run my 40 in 4.7 bench 225 and squat 350 havent squatted in a while because of a slight knee injury. i play at a smaller highschool. But we play schools in our conference that are 2 classes bigger and still do good. I saw in your height and weight chart that they will look at my size for defensive line. My strengths against the bigger guys are that i am a lot quicker off the ball and get get off their blocks quick too. Should i keep working on defensive line or try and get moved somewhere else to be noticed because im smaller? Or do i just need to get bigger or what? Thanks

    • David Frank

      Keep playing where you help the team most and coaches will notice your ability to make plays. Coaches will project you to the position they think will be best for you in college. Where you play in high school is not as important as making plays and showing coaches you can make an impact.

      • Thanks! But am i too small to be playing college ball at this position? i am put there because i get in the backfield a lot but i have a felling in college the bigger O line guys will be a lot quicker than who im going up against. So what should i do? Should i put on weight? And if i do that i dont want to lose a lot of speed.

        • David Frank

          Based on your size I would say you will need to change positions, but I haven’t seen you play and don’t know if you can easily add wait and maintain your speed. I wouldn’t really be able to answer the question for you. Ask for a meeting with your coach and tell them your goal of playing college ball. Ask them what they think you should do.

          • Okay thanks for all the advice. But for one final question what do you think i should be moved to? I was looking at what they go off of for safteys and other DBs and i am close to the right size and my arm length is 31 inches and my whole wingspan is 6’1. Is that a position i could switch to?

  15. David Frank

    Josh, each program is going to make their own decision about what position they will move you too. Without seeing your frame and knowing how big you could potentially be I can’t answer the question about where you should move. You shouldn’t be projecting your college position based on how big you are now, but how big you can be in college. Best of luck, please let us know if we can help.

    • David Frank

      Without seeing you play and knowing more about your athleticism and potential, I have no idea. Are you getting a highlight film together and contacting coaches? What are you doing with your high school coach to improve your recruiting?

    • David Frank

      Without seeing your highlight film I have no idea. Are you getting invited to camps by coaches? Are you in contact with any coaches at this point?

      As a senior if you aren’t talking to several programs, your chances of playing at the college level are very low. You should be talking to coaches at this point. Do you need help contacting coaches and getting your name out?

  16. Hello!
    I’m from Brazil and play football in a club team from São Paulo. I’m 5’7 and 160, Free Safety. I’m a little smaller than the average, but but I make up for the size, because I’m fast and I can also make some hard tackles, passes coverage, interceptions and can also stop some runs. I really want to play college football, but I’ll be a chance for being Brazilian and also for my size?

    • David Frank

      You must have a highlight film. Coaches need to be able to see you making plays. In addition, try to get a third party to verify your 40 time. If you are fast, coaches need to see proof in your 40 time and make sure the time is recorded by someone they can trust.

  17. Anonymous

    I am a senior football player at one of the best high school football teams in the nation. I play defensive end at 6′ 220, but I want to play LB at a D1 school. I run a 4.68 40, squat 665 lbs, bench 300, and run a 4.3 5-10-5. Is this sufficient enough to earn a scholarship? What all do I have I do?

    • David Frank

      Are you in contact with coaches at the schools you are interested in? There isn’t much you can do about changing positions in college unless a coach wants to recruit you for that position. You will have to get in touch with coaches.

  18. Jay Northrop

    I’m a junior DB from Ohio. I’m 6’0 189 and can max bench 305. How would I get recruited if I don’t have film. I play, we just don’t take film of our games. I go to camps and combines and I’m always in the top portion of the combines and and camps and I got a lot of stuff from colleges in the mail and I have a lot of unofficial visits. How can I make all this in to my dream of playing collegiate football. I went to the nike spark coming and got a 80.89 rating if that helps. Thanks for all your help.

    • David Frank

      What are the coaches whoa re already contacting you saying? If you are receiving letters and going on unofficial visits then you are getting the opportunity to talk to college coaches.

      If you are already talking to coaches,having film isn’t as important. I would find out where you stand with all of the coaches you have visited or received letters from.

  19. Anonymous

    Hello i have a quick question i came across this article and wanted to ask if i wanna play D1orD2 ball is being 6 ft 225 to small to play d end? I really enjoy this postiton and im pretty quick and im 17 gunna be 18 in like 4 months please lemme know asap thank you

  20. Tim Murphy

    I am a 16 year old 6’0, 225 lb DE, and OL. I have started for past two season and a junior now. How can I get the D-1’s to look at me more seriously. My coach wont move me due to how well I have produced, but I really want to go D-1. How do I get them to recuirt me at another position that I cant get film on me playing it.

    • David Frank

      Coaches don’t need to see you play at the position they want you to play in college to recruit you. My advice is to continue to play and dominate at your position. Take opportunities to attend camps and combines to compete at the positions you think you will play in college. If you have a college coach wanting to see you play somewhere else, have them talk to you high school coach directly. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  21. Johannes Anderse

    I’m 6’0 weighing 198 lbs. I’m a Senior and unfortunately didn’t start playing until halfway through Junior year. I have been moved down to Defensive End by my coach but I know that with my size I won’t have a chance at playing college ball at that position. I live and play in Denmark in northern Europe and in the league I play in my size is average for my position and age, but seeing that I am graduating this summer what chances do I have to get a scholarship, if the possibility is even there?
    My plan so far is to work and make money for another three to four years while playing football before hopefully going to college. What do you think is my best option at this point?

    • David Frank

      You will need to begin contacting coaches at the schools you are interested in. I would encourage you to find a junior college so you can get more opportunities to develop.

      • Johannes Andersen

        Junior college it is then. I have considered the military colleges as they pay the tuition in exchange of a number of years of service afterwards. There is the problem that we can’t record all our games, and as a result I only have one clip of me making a play this past season. I also have a profile on Hudl where I update my athletics and academics along with what plays I make that gets recorded. What is a common number of schools athletes contact? I was thinking of contacting 100 schools to begin with and then either narrow it down or widen it out. Does this sound as too few?
        Thank you for replying by the way

        • David Frank

          You want to contact schools you are sure you are interested in. This is usually 30-40 schools initially. Depending on the response you get from coaches, you can expand or cut down your list.

  22. Hi there, my son plays defensive left tackle, he’s 13 going to high school next year. He’s 6″foot 285 pounds right now and I’m just starting him with weight training. He made AllStar and he’s been to various camps, so of corse we’ve been visited by lots of coaches. One coach want my son to go straight to varsity & I think that’s ridiculous! I no how big he is but he’s only 13, how can he possibly play with 18 year olds? Wouldn’t that be dangerous for him? These older boys will have way more knowledge than my son, they’ll no how to hurt him….

    • David Frank

      It really depends if coaches think you have the potential. They will look at two things: 1) Do you have the frame that can get to DI size 285+ 2) Do you have the ability/athleticism to play the position. The second one is less about your size and more about what they will see on film.

    • David Frank

      Thanks for sending over your highlight tape. You are certainly able to make plays. Have you been in contact with any coaches? Are you emailing coaches? Have you created a profile on our site?

  23. I am 6′, 210 senior. I have played starting varsity ( OLB, Nose Tackle, DE, FB, special teams) since my sophomore year at a 5A school. My fastest 40 is 4.37 (4.41 laser), shuttle 3.95, vertical 38″, power clean 300, bench 365, squat 485. Times were recorded at college camps. I have a 3.41 gpa, SAT 1670. I’m being recruited by a major D1 school and have been offered by a small D2 school. I was recently told by the D1 coaches that they don’t have a scholarship available but they “are still recruiting” me. I’m very confident that I can compete at the D1, but I’m very confused as to why I’m not given a scholarship. What more can I do to get a scholarship? Should I try to walk on and compete for a scholarship? Do schools ever hold back a scholarship to give to a walk on if they prove to be worthy at try-outs? Should I ask to be a preferred walk-on?

    • David Frank

      If they don’t have a scholarship available, I wouldn’t plan on getting one after walking on. At this point you need to decide between walking-on at a DI (I am sure it would be a preferred walk-on) and getting a scholarship at the DII.

      It is not uncommon for a walk-on to earn a scholarship eventually but as with anything when playing at a DI school, nothing is guaranteed. Best of luck.

  24. Hi I play football in the UK.

    C/O 2016 CB Recruit, as of now here are my physical stats:

    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 171lbs
    40: ~4.8
    Vert: 36in
    Bench: 205
    Squat: 315

    I plan to sit the SAT in the spring of 2015 and get ncaa eligible and also attend camps such as Stanford, USC and Ucla. I will be playing my season this summer and will get a recruiting video together. I’ve currently informed those 3 schools on my objectives but have yet to get a reply.

    Have you got any tips to improve my chances of obtaining an athletic scholarship? I also plan to try and get an academic one. And if you have any tips on how to decrease my 40 I’d appreciate it

    • David Frank

      My first piece of advice is to expand your search; you need to reach out to 50+ schools when starting your search. There is noting wrong with wanting to play for an elite program like the ones you have listed, but you need to understand those schools pick from the top 200 recruits in the country. Breaking through and getting noticed is going to be very difficult. You are going to need to email them several time and include highlight film.

      My advice for improving your 40 time is to find a Track coach in your area who can help you with your explosion and acceleration when sprinting.

      • I absolutely understand but if I do not have highlight tape at the moment how can I express interest. In the UK we play in the summer so I will be sending out my tape later this year and plan to have an exceptional season.

        Until then what should I do? (Other than train hard) and do you think I could project to a potential d1 athlete by june 2014 (when I plan to attend camps)

  25. Justice Taylor

    I am 6’1 , 245 lbs sophomore and I play LB/DT/FB, bench:300, squat:410, also do wrestling. I have been invited to a couple of big camps like FBU, NUC Five Star showcase, etc. I am looking to be recruited by d1 and d2 schools , you think you could check out my highlight film?

  26. I’m a sophomore in HS…supposed to be a freshman…I’m 5’11 215lbs. I run a 4.89 (40) bench 225 squat 405. What do u recommend I do about me being one year ahead and trying to put on size as quick as possible

  27. Collin

    I’m a junior in highschool going to be a senior next season I have a weird circumstance for the last year I played on varsity, (I’m just about 6’0 bench 300 squat 375 power clean 255 and run a 5.0 40 and a 4.6 shuttle (5-10-5 drill))and i wanted to play linebacker as a junior but was put at defensive tackle for the teams best interest but I felt like even at defensive line I played well getting a multitude of sacks and a bunch of tackles during the season but, I’m getting the chance my senior year to play linebacker and want to play D1 or D2 football my coach isn’t letting me make a highlight film because he says it won’t help me. Is there any advice I could get for my upcoming season to get recruited?

    • David Frank

      I would really try to get film from your coach. Some film is always better than no film. In order to prepare for next year, you need to begin contacting the schools you are interested in (DI and DII). Introduce yourself to these coaches via email and a phone call. I would also strongly consider attending a couple camps or combines as well. Choose camps based on the schools you are interested in.

  28. Gabriel

    I am 5’8″ , I weigh 240 lbs, my bench isn’t much around 135 but my legs can lift A LOT more. I am only a sophomore in high school and I play LT and C on varsity. I am a good lineman but My arms aren’t that strong is there any chance that I will be able to play college football being the size that I am

  29. 6’4 265 lbs DT/DE. Played 2 years juco ball, 2 years eligibility left. Wanted to go to a 4 year but I couldn’t get a scholarship on my own. Looking to play some semi pro this spring to hopefully acquire new film and stats otherwise I still have film from 2011 of my sophomore college season at nose tackle. Looking to play probably FCS level. Bench 225 x 27 reps and 1RM x 365 lbs, squat 1RM x 500 lbs 40 time 5.0.

  30. I am a 6’2 207lbs DE junior and am currently gaining more and more weight. I’m looking for a DI or DII scholarships and was wondering that based on my size (given I will be bigger in the months ahead) would I make a good candidate for scholarships?

    • David Frank

      Without seeing you play it is impossible to say. Just based on height and weight, you have the frame to play. Are you contacting coaches at the schools you are interested in? Have you created a recruiting profile?

  31. Jacob Govatos

    I am a little different than your average question. I am 20 years old and currently serving a mission for my church. By the time i am home and ready to play football I will be 22 and 1/2. I only played freshman year in High School (JV for one of the top programs in the state)… I am kicking myself for not playing after that. I AM going to play college ball somewhere. I am 6’2 270 pounds and look lean. I used to be 295-300 for a few years and carried it well. I run a 5.4 40 (improving). I just want some advice as to where I should look to walk-on and how should go about selling myself when there seems to be little to sell. I don’t have a highlight tape either… I understand it is going to be tough to make a squad but I will work harder than anyone to make it whether it’s D1, D2, D3, or a Junior College. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

    • David Frank

      Without a way for coaches to gauge your ability on film it is going to be hard. You need to contact coaches at the schools you are interested in and see what schools have an open walk-on. Keep in mind, the higher the division level, the less likely they will be to offer a walk-on opportunity to someone in your position. Best of luck.

  32. I’m in a bit of a different situation than most on this feed. I’m 6’6, 305lbs, 21 years old, but have never played a minute of competitive football. As high school freshman I was about 6’2, 250. I was offered starting opportunities at multiple high schools but rejected to play high school soccer. Grew up on soccer my whole life and couldn’t just drop club soccer for hs football. It also helped that I was good. Lol. After graduating I skipped college and started working. I just now began school at a community college and was thinking of possibly trying for the football team there and eventually transfering to a program at a much higher level. I unnderstand the game outside of the field but dont know if I will on the field. I’ve been told that coaches like people who have never played.That way, they can be molded to the coaches preference. Any thoughts or feedback on this?

    • David Frank

      It is true that some coaches like athletes with limited experience given that they posses clear athletic potential. It sounds like you do. The best thing to do is contact the coach at your school and see if they would be interested. Good luck.

  33. Anonymous

    I’m currently 6’2 200 pounds and I am a freshman defensive end getting a lot of attention from our varsity coaches. I run a 4.6 40 yard dash time and I’m working hard in the weight room. Also, is my frame good enough for division 1 ball? I put on weight easily.

    • David Frank

      Without seeing you it is impossible to say if you “have the right frame.” It sounds like you have a lot of promise and your coaches are excited, all of these are good things.

    • David Frank

      There is no real way to get stats like average bench. You can look at things like Nike Sparq numbers, but they are only one small part of coaches look at. The things that are going to get you recruited are your grades and ability to make plays. Thing of size and strength as a secondary importance as long as you can prove you can play.

      • Braeden Gilpin

        So should I spend less time in weight room and more time doing drills? And what’s the nike thing you were talking about? And it’s okay if you didn’t but based off my film, would a recruiter like what he sees or is he looking for more of something I may not be showing when I play?

        • David Frank

          Your film is good, you want to show that you can make a variety of plays and impact the game. Work with your coach to identify your weaknesses and set a plan to improve them; they are going to be the ones who can help you improve the most.

          • Braeden Gilpin

            Thanks for the info. Also, I’m going to a football camp of a college id like to go to called liberty university. What should I start doing to prepare for this camp visit?

  34. David Weiss

    My son is 5 foot 8 and 200 lbs at 16 years old, has always been one of the best players on the field and has played MLB and Guard/Fullback on varsarty since freshman year, is in the top two or three on his team in tackles and has won top linebacker at combines all over his area . he runs a 4.7 in the 40 and his bench press / legs are one of the highest numbers on his team. is there a decent chance to play linebacker in college at 5′ 8″

    • David Frank

      It sounds like your son has the talent to play at the college level. His recruiting will probably fall into two categories, 1) schools that want him to change positions or 2) schools that think he can play LB. My advice is for him to continue to get his name out and to be actively emailing coaches at the schools he is interested in.

  35. Anonymous

    I’m 5’9 200lbs and I’m going to a DII school but not for athletics, do you think I can walk on as a linebacker? I run a 4.62 40, Squat 470, Clean 250 & bench 240.

    • David Frank

      It all depends on if they are going to have open tryouts or not. Contact the coaches and find out if they are looking for walk-ons. If they are, you might have the chance to earn a spot on the field.

  36. Anonymous

    I’m 5’10 1/2, 240 and am going into my sophomore year. I play DT and OG and I started on varsity as a freshman at my school. Is 5’10 240 pounds (and growing) a good size to play for a D2 or D3 school?

    • David Frank

      It is all about your potential. As long as you have the potential to be college size by the end of high school and show enough ability coaches will be interested.

  37. Luis Sanchez

    I have a son who is a young sophomore who turned 16 in March. He’s 5’8″ and weighs 154. His bench is 200, squat is 315 and power clean is 190. He runs a 4.62 40, 4.17 shuttle, 27″ vertical. He started the last 5 varsity games this season as a slot receiver. he has 2 local NAIA schools showing major interest in him. He wants to play D1 ball. I’ve taken him to some camps and a few showcases but no matter how good he does against the top DB’s there, it seems recruiters will always choose size over talent. My question is where can I go to get educated on the recruiting process so I we can get proactive in the process and gain the attention of recruiters. We have season highlights film and also have off season 7v7 film but we haven’t contacted any coaches. Thanks!

    • David Frank

      Check out the links at the bottom of our website. Specifically, look at the pages on emailing coaches and contacting coaches. When you are contacting coaches as a Soph. make sure to include the contact info for your high school coaches so coaches can respond to them (they aren’t allowed to respond to your emails yet).

  38. Ben Matheson

    I play football out in England for London Blitz. I’m 15 and a linebacker, I weigh 180 and am 5ft 11. I Bench 240 pounds and run the 100m in under 12 secs. At London Blitz we play at the highest quality in Britain and me and my fellow linebacker are considerably more athletic compared to other linebackers on other teams. I’m just here to ask what I can do to improve on my chances of getting noticed out in America? What do scouts look for in linebackers?

  39. Eethan Edwards

    Hi I play football for the Middletown middies . I played slot back and now transferring over to cornerback. I am 5’9 and weighing 157lbs. (40) 4.49 shuttle is 4.38 and my bench press is 185 and squat currently 435 I’ve been receiving a numerous amount of D1 letters and camp invites does this mean I got what it takes to play D1 football

    • David Frank

      It means you are off to a great start and now is the time to take charge of your recruiting. You want to start ranking the schools you are talking to and if there are any schools you haven’t heard from, reach out to them and see if they are interested. The goal is to have heard from all of the schools you are interested in in a couple months so you can begin to make your decision about where you want to go.

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