A Plyometric Training Regimen to Fuel Your College Recruiting

Sport Plyometric Programming Physiologically, plyometric jumping exercises put a very high demand on the tendons , muscles, and neuromuscular system of the hip, knee and ankle joints. The learning and perfection of jumping skills must be technically correct and specific to the athlete’s age, sport and physical development. Restricted use of the exercises in young […]

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Pre-Plyometric Evaluation and Training for Women

There is a high occurrence of ACL injuries among female athletes in American sports. Even with the benefits of various training programs their injuries are prevalent and frequent. Most of these injuries are sustained without the incidence of contact, occurring when the athlete is landing from a jump, decelerating, or pivoting on one foot while running. […]

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Don’t Sit The Bench Your Freshman Year

Ninety-nine percent of high school athletes are not physically or mentally ready to play sports at the college level when they arrive on campus. As a former SEC strength coach, I have seen it all when it comes to college freshmen: overweight, underweight, overall weakness, flexibility issues, muscle imbalance issues, coordination issues, balance issues, and the […]

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