Save Money by Beating the Eligibility Center Fee Increase

Starting on September 1, 2012, the fees for registering with the Eligibility Center will increase. Domestic prospects will pay $70 (up $5) while international prospects will see a bigger increase, from $95 to $120. This has prospects wondering whether they should register right away. The increase is small, especially for domestic prospects, but every little […]

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UConn Transfer Michael Bradley’s Bogus Journey

It’s been an eventful two years for former UConn forward Michael Bradley. After reportedly giving up his scholarship for Andre Drummond, but then not really, Bradley missed the 2011–12 season with an injury. After red-shirting for two straight years at UConn, Bradley left for Western Kentucky. He enrolled in summer school, hoping to get a […]

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What Coaches Can’t Do In the Admissions Process

Recruiting is most often associated with college athletics, but recruiting is an activity performed all over a college campus. Schools are trying to attract superstar professors. Journals are fighting to grab the best articles. And labs are working to get research projects and grants. The All-around Competition  is More Challenging Economic pressures have made the competition for […]

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How Boise State Won Its Appeal (for Now)

Boise State pulled off one of the more impossible feats in college athletics. The Broncos did not complete a string of national championships, go undefeated, or set a record winning streak. All of those are easy compared to getting any sort of victory in an appeal of a major violation. Not only did Boise State […]

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Recovering From a Bad Class

The NCAA’s intitial eligibility requirements are all about making sure high school students make steady progress through a basic education that should prepare them for college. For most prospects, getting eligible is a simple task: take four core courses every year, get good grades, take the SAT and/or ACT a couple of times and graduate […]

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Using APR as a Prospect, Part 2

Once you have an understanding about how the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR is calculated, you can better understand what an APR score is when you dig into it, and what it tells you about the past and present situation at a school. Figuring out the APR Situation Start by looking up a school’s multi-year […]

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Roscoe Smith’s Case Not Quite So Clear

Everything says Roscoe Smith, who transferred from UConn to UNLV, should not get a waiver to play immediately this year. The case seems so open and shut that UConn is unhappy the waiver was even filed and would be furious if it was granted. But UNLV has an argument and it is one so good […]

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Using APR as a Prospect, Part 1 of 2

One of the major successes of the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate, or APR, has been just how much the APR is talked about. Coaches obsess over it, fans follow it, and current student-athletes can be affected by it. Less discussed is how the APR affects recruits. Luckily, prospects are in a great position to do something […]

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What a College Football Playoff Needs From the NCAA

Everyone seems to agree major college football playoff is close to inevitable at this point. The discussions are happening outside of the normal NCAA structure though, since the NCAA does not run, but merely licenses the postseason in the Football Bowl Subdivision. That does not mean the NCAA is completely out of the loop. Eventually, […]

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The Nuts and Bolts of the NCAA Eligibility Center Process

The NCAA has done a fairly good job of getting the word out about what the requirements are to be an academic qualifier. Less well known is the process prospects must go through to get that designation and their amateur certification from the NCAA Eligibility Center. 1. Register with the Eligibility Center This might seem self-explanatory, […]

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