Texas and USC Comments Show Difficulty of Reforming NCAA

Today is the start of the April 2014 meeting of the NCAA Division I Legislative Council. The Legislative Council is something of a lame duck, about to be replaced by a new committee heavily populated by athletic directors. But there is still some business to attend to including two important proposals regarding student-athlete health and […]

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YSU Non-Renewals Show Nuances in Scholarship Debate

Joe Scalzo of Yindy.com: Shar’Rae Davis, Amanda Barger and Taylor Hvisdak will not be playing for Youngstown State’s women’s basketball team next season, but they want to make one thing clear: It wasn’t their choice. Head coach John Barnes released the three players from their scholarships following the season, his first with the Penguins. Barnes […]

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Oregon Symposium Covers Unions, Title IX, and Player Likeness

Ed. Note: This is a guest post by Will Rubin, a junior at the University of Oregon with a major in Journalism. A lifelong resident of Eugene, Will has covered the Oregon Ducks for the Oregon Daily Emerald and AddictedToQuack.com, and currently writes for DuckTerritory.com. In the future, he hopes to write for a major […]

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Is Poaching To Blame For the High Number of Basketball Transfers?

Dan Hinxman of the Reno Gazette-Journal, quoting Nevada athletic director Doug Knuth: “The big-time schools have gotten so big, the pressure on them to win is so big that if they have a student-athlete leave early for some reason — they go pro or whatever the issue is — and they’ve got to fill a […]

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UW-Milwaukee Announces 2014-15 APR Postseason Ban

UW-Milwaukee announced today that its men’s basketball program was banned from the postseason for the 2014–15 academic year due to a low Academic Progress Rate score. They join San Jose State men’s basketball, which announced the same thing earlier this month and UNLV football, which sounds like it is still appealing or fighting for APR […]

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A Story About Transferring That Does Not Include the Word “Release”

I tend not call out poor writing about compliance issues. There’s too much of it and it would be mostly mean-spirited. The exception is when bad writing about NCAA rules means the writer got something fundamentally wrong. Good writing should be promoted, and Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports produced that in a story about Duke […]

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CU’s Josh Ford Denied Sixth Year

Kyle Ringo of BuffZone.com: Colorado football coach Mike MacIntyre said running back Josh Ford’s appeal to the NCAA for a sixth season of eligibility has been denied, ending his college career. From his bio on Colorado’s website, Ford is just listed as redshirting in 2010, his first season at Colorado. He also did not play […]

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UConn’s APR Warning Was Different Than Most

When Shabazz Napier decided to use the platform of a national championship celebration to criticize the NCAA for UConn’s postseason ban in 2012–13, responses fell into one of two camps. Some thought it was momentous, exposing at once how NCAA penalties, especially Academic Progress Rate penalties, were at the same time capricious and ineffective. Others, […]

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To Fight Unions, Conferences Should Adopt Union Demands

In this article for SB Nation by Kevin Tranhan exploring the possibility that Northwestern football players vote against the union, Tranhan notes that the issue has already spread past one university: However, Huma said he has been contacted by players at other schools who are interested in unionizing, and players at schools like Georgia, Georgia […]

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Athletes’ Claims of Going Hungry Cannot Be Dismissed Generally

University of Connecticut basketball guard Shabazz Napier says sometimes there’s “hungry nights that we don’t have enough money to get food.” But all students have “unlimited access” to resident dining units that offer “all-you-care-to-eat.” This is what a full scholarship student-athlete can receive in terms of food: Meal plan that includes three meals per day; […]

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