Five Ways to Tell If You Are Getting Recruited By a College Coach

At Athnet, we constantly talk to high school athletes and their families about college recruiting. They always want to know if coach has serious interest in them and what things will tell them they are being recruited. The way a coach responds and acts to these five interactions will help you determine how seriously a […]

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It Doesn’t Always Happen This Way: A Top Football Player’s Great Transfer Experience

We have talked in the past about how the transfer process doesn’t always go smoothly for athletes and about how it’s much more complicatedthan athletes expect. But sometimes athletes graduate from college with a degree prior to using all of their eligibility. Some athletes in this situation need to transfer to another school to earn a graduate […]

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Having The Right Expectations for Your Child Will Lead to More Scholarship Opportunities

The breakdown in recruiting often happens when players and parents expectations are too high. At times, it turns into a case where parents push their child toward a university too competitive for them, in hopes of earning an athletic scholarship; which then leads to frustration when those top colleges don’t reciprocate the same interest. The Results […]

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One of the Fastest Ways to Lose a Scholarship Offer

An angry mother recently wrote a letter to administrators at Texas Tech University complaining that her son was mistreated by former head coach Billy Gillispie. The mother accused Gillispie of berating her son during a camp for high school athletes last summer for overthrowing a pass to another player. Other (college) athletes have complained to the […]

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Top College Coaches and Tips on College Recruiting

Potential college recruits shouldn’t look at recruiting as something that they can put in a little effort a couple of times a year and still expect to receive the scholarship offer of their dreams. It’s something that no matter what time of the year it is, you are always doing a little bit of work […]

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Can You Handle the Life of a College Athlete?

No one can prepare you to play college sports. With that said, will you be ready to become a college athlete knowing your college experience will be unlike that of the rest of the student-body population? It’s Important For Potential College Recruits to Get a Sense of College Living Before Heading off to School The […]

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One Recruit’s Incredible Feat Matched By Another Recruit

College recruiting is simple, right? Play well in your sport and coaches and scouts from all the top schools will find you; all you have to do is pick the best offer and sign on the dotted line. Think again. No matter how good of an athlete you are, there’s someone else out there just […]

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A Look at Today’s College Recruiting Landscape

An article written by Charlie Adams for the NCSA Blog describes the changes in college athletic recruiting he has seen in the last 30 years. 30 years ago, recruiting wasn’t quite the fast-paced environment like it does today. You didn’t see 8th graders being offered verbal commitments, and there wasn’t nearly as much media coverage […]

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The Ultimate Goal: Going Pro

Turning pro is a dream for athletes who have worked their butt off their entire life and sacrificed so much for their sport. It’s an honor to be considered one of the elite considering the amount of high school athletes who actually become professional athletes is somewhere in the .11% range. Here is what NCAA […]

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Four Things You Must Know Before You Transfer

High school athletes who want to get recruited sometimes jump on the first offer or opportunity they come across, but hidden complexities in the NCAA transfer process make it more difficult to transfer than most athletes expect. Nerman Delic, a defensive tackle at Kentucky, illustrates why the transfer process requires thought before action. Delic recently […]

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