What You Should Do After the Early Signing Period

Our first article about the early signing period talks about the benefits of signing an NLI and how athletes can receive an early scholarship offer. Now, our focus shifts to an analysis of what happens after the early signing period and what this time means for other student-athletes that did not sign an NLI. Now the Dust […]


Want to Sign a National Letter of Intent During the Early Signing Period?

Every athlete that receives a scholarship to an NCAA division I school or a division II school must sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI). From November 14, 2012 through November 21, 2012, athletes in sports other than football, field hockey, soccer, track and field, cross country, and men’s water polo can sign an NLI […]


AAU and Club Volleyball Teams Help You Get a Scholarship: Tryouts Start in November

One avenue an athlete can take as they decide to proceed in competing in their sport throughout high school and during college is to play on a competitive volleyball club team. This type of competition not only helps athletes develop their skills, it also helps them to realize if they want to continue competing in […]

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You Can Get Money to Play Sports at a Division III College

Sometimes athletes must dig deep to find a playing opportunity. Less than two percent of high school athletes end up playing at a NCAA Division I school or a Division II school. That leaves 98 percent of athletes to either give up on their dream of continuing their athletic career or to compete at an […]


This is How to Start Getting Recruited

Athletes, you are one of a kind; you are dedicated, you are hard-working and you are competitive. You understand that if you want something bad enough you have to work hard to achieve it- which is exactly what you should do when it comes to your recruitment. Be ready to take on your recruitment just […]

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How to Jump-start Your College Recruiting if You Hit a Roadblock

Did you get off to a good start in your college recruiting, but have since hit a road block? Maybe you received some initial interest from coaches, played at a few camps, and even registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center; but now, the trail has gone cold. Don’t declare your college opportunities dead just yet. There are […]

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International Students: Look at Junior College for Opportunities in the United States

No matter what country an athlete comes from, international students who want to play at a college in the United States face a task that can feel intimidating. For international athletes, simply getting a coach’s attention tends to require more effort than it would from an equally-skilled American student-athlete. That shouldn’t stop an international looking for […]

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4 Ways To Make Your College Recruitment Happen

You can think there is going to be an easy way to get college scouts to see you, but if you realize early that there isn’t a magic button you will be better prepared. So stop searching the internet hoping to find a way to get coaches and scouts attention, when you’ve done nothing to spike their interest in […]

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Don’t Let Injuries Stop Your College Recruiting

There are many obstacles on the path of college recruiting. Injuries are one of the first that come to mind, and not many people have been bitten by the injury bug quite like soccer player and Delran, Pennsylvania senior John Verzi. In his first three years of high school Verzi has had six surgeries on […]

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Emailing Coaches: This is How You Get a Coach to Respond to Emails

If you’ve started your athletic career without worrying about how to continue playing sports in college then you may have already dug yourself into a deep hole. This is the mentality high school athletes need to shake from their system if they plan to make it as a college athlete. Junior and senior year is […]

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