Football Recruit Loses Scholarship to Michigan Because of Twitter

The story broke that Yuri Wright, one of the top cornerback recruits in the country, was expelled from his high school, Don Bosco Prep (a private Catholic school in New Jersey), and lost his scholarship to Michigan because of what he was saying on Twitter. Kevin DeShazo wrote a very good article about whether Michigan […]

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NCAA Stiffens Penalties for Violations: Student Athletes Take Notice

News is still coming from the very productive NCAA Convention last week. The NCAA has moved forward with a rule that is going to make the penalties for violations significantly worse. The CBS article uses the USC recruiting violations as an example of how the new stiffer penalties would affect a program. To me, there […]

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How to Write an Introduction to Your Resume

The first step you should take in the college recruiting process is to put together your sporting achievements in a resume you can e-mail to college coaches. In this blog, we cover how to write a really great introduction to your resume. The Next Step is Following up With More Personalization and Doing Some Research […]

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Big Changes Coming in College Recruiting from the NCAA

There was a lot that happened at this year’s meeting of the NCAA DI Board of Directors. It’s no secret that the NCAA president, Mark Emmert, is pushing hard for reform within the NCAA. Two of the most controversial pieces of legislation are an additional $2,000 per year on top of full-ride athletic scholarships and allowing athletes […]

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College Football Recruiting: Want to Get Recruited by the Best?

In a great article by David Fox of, Fox explains how the success of Urban Meyer is built on a relentless drive to be the best recruiter in the country. Meyer is known for being maniacal and willing to outwork anyone on the recruiting trail to get the best athletes he can. If you […]

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#5 Recruiting Corner: National Signing Day

It’s January of 2012 which means recruiting has intensified tenfold for all of the sports in college. What does this mean for you? This means that NOW is the time to get recruited, not sit on your couch and wait for something to happen. Coaches right now are scouring the country looking to lock up […]

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NCAA Rules Changes: Perspective on Cam Newton Rule

The NCAA recently passed new regulations broadening their definition of what an agent is. This was made to close the loophole that allowed Cecil Newton, Cam Newton’s father, to solicit money (six figures in total) in exchange for his son playing football for the Mississippi State University. The NCAA determined Cam Newton knew nothing of […]

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College Coaches Explain What Social Media Is To Them

There are Three Categories of Coaches in This Video The first, they are admittedly naive about social media and, for one reason or another, unwilling to even take the time to learn what it is (Jim Boeheim). Second, they are aware but frightened of social media to the point they try and control it; and third, they […]

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Cody Paul: College Football Recruiting the Hard Way

Do You Know Who Cody Paul Is? If you like watching football highlight tapes on YouTube, then you should know Cody Paul. His highlight video from 2007 in Pop Warner football has almost 9 million views. If anyone was going to be next for being a major college football running back, surely he was. If […]

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Tips for Creating a Great Recruiting Video

A good recruiting video can make a huge difference in your chances of getting an athletic scholarship. In many cases, your highlight video is your greatest shot to get the attention of a coach. Coaches look for specific things in video, and there are steps you can take to make your sure your video doesn’t get thrown in […]

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