University of Washington Blogging to an NCAA Championship

I spend a lot of time discussing social media and its impacts on college recruiting. Social media is redefining the way colleges recruit. Unfortunately, it seems like 99 percent of social media and recruiting stories focus on the negative effects. I wanted to change things up and highlight a coach and a program that I […]

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#7 Recruiting Corner: Universities Monitoring Facebook, NCAA DII Changes

In this weeks recruiting corner we cover new NCAA D2 recruiting rules, Georgia Tech pulling a scholarship offer from a 11 month commit, twitter impacting the recruiting process for Shaq Thompson and Kyle Kalis and answer our facebook question of the week. Do you have questions you want answered on next weeks recruiting corner? Leave […]

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5 Steps to a Killer Soccer Recruiting Resume

Soccer recruiting starts earlier than almost any other college sport, making it imperative for athletes to start reaching out to coaches at a young age. Building a great soccer resume will help you introduce yourself to college coaches and help you get a leg up on the competition. Here are five tips in creating a […]

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4 and 1/2 Tips for an Excellent Baseball Recruiting Resume

Baseball coaches are continually seeking athletes that are a good fit for their teams. Contrary to popular belief, the recruiting process for baseball does not begin because athletes are found via scouts, athletes are found because they took the initiative to reach out to coaches themselves over e-mail and/or phone. If you are serious about […]

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Should Twitter be Influencing College Recruits Decisions?

This year we are beginning to see the impact of Twitter on college recruiting like never before. One of the more disturbing trends is the influence of the Twittersphere on the decisions that recruits make when selecting a university. One Athlete’s Followers on Twitter Changed His Decision Back in early January, Shaq Thompson, one of the nation’s […]

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Contacting College Coaches: Add Academic Information to Your Resume

Knowing what academic information you want to include on your resume is a big part of creating a resume that coaches like to read. Many athletes believe that just because they are good at their sport, their academic profile does not matter. This is not true. The NCAA is more focused than ever on increasing […]

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Villanova Athletic Department Forces Athletes to be “Friends”

I first read the story on Flotrack that Villanova University has asked student athletes to “friend” a program called Varsity Monitor so they can monitor the athlete’s social media accounts. As you can imagine, this has sparked some very impassioned comments on the Flotrack website. Athletes are understandably unwilling to just friend a program so their […]

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Email College Coaches:Get Your E-mails Opened!

It Starts with a Great Subject Line You will want to take some time to put together a great e-mail subject (e-mail title). If this is your first time attempting to contact a coach, your subject could determine whether or not he or she will open your e-mail at all. Presenting your best skills and attributes in a […]

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Georgia Tech Pulls Scholarship from 3-Star Recruit Over Test Scores

In a story broke by, Georgia Tech pulled their scholarship offer from a 3-star defensive end football recruit, Junior Gnonkonde. This is huge news because Junior committed to Georgia Tech more than a year ago and has not been talking to any other schools for more than eleven months. The coaching staff at Georgia […]

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#6 Recruiting Corner: Landon Collins, Gunner Kiel, Recruiting Mom’s

On this weeks recruiting corner we cover some of the biggest news in the world of college recruiting. Athnet VP David Frank makes his first appearance on the Recruiting Corner and joins your usual host Joshua Zimmerman. Our topics include: • The NCAA is pushing for $2,000 increase on top of full-ride scholarships. The Universities voted almost unanimously […]

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