How to Write a College Recruiting Resume for Football

Football coaches are among the hardest coaches to get in contact with in the United States because of the sport’s popularity. Putting together all of your pertinent information, coupled with being persistent and proactive, will help you find the best collegiate playing opportunity. Putting a Link to Your Online Highlight Video in Your Resume Will […]

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College Diving Recruiting with Dr. Ron O’Brien

We had the chance to interview Dr. Ron O’Brien, one of the biggest names in US diving. He shaped the direction of US diving as the former national technical director and high performance director of US diving. Dr. O’Brien’s athletes have won over 196 medals in the Olympics, world, national, NCAA, and Big Ten Conference […]

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Gambling on March Madness: Is it Worth the Risk?

Wagering on college sports is not a new concept, but there has been an exponential growth in the number of sports-betting cases being seen by the NCAA. Student athletes see betting on sports an opportunity to earn some extra money, especially if they are struggling with finances and paying for school. However, making sports wagers […]

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#13 Recruiting Corner: 7-on-7 Football Recruiting and Character in Recruiting

[powerpress] Do you have questions you want us to answer on the recruiting corner? Leave them in the comments below. Joshua: Hey guys, welcome back, another of The Recruiting Corner here. Joshua Zimmerman, David Frank, as always, bringing you the latest and greatest in recruiting news. What’s new? David: Oh, not too much. Glad you […]

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How to Become a College Kicker

Kickers and Punters are no longer forgotten aspects of a football team. Although they may not receive as much recognition as the quarterback, often times the outcome of a game relies heavily or directly on their leg. If you’re not a believer, take into consideration Louisiana State University punter Brad Wing whose leg helped propel […]

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How International Athletes Get Recruited to Play College Tennis

NCAA Tennis Recruiting Increase your tennis recruiting chances by stepping up and starting your own team research. Don’t get complacent and wait for college coaches to find you; start sending out e-mails and connecting with them on social media sites. Make your name noticed. The NCAA programs want to make their teams the best; the […]

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ESPN Shows College Basketball Players Twitter Names During TV Coverage

Twitter and other social media sites are becoming ingrained in the media and advertising associated with college sports. In a giant leap forward with this integration, ESPN has recently posted the Twitter account names of the basketball players of the game they were covering. I first read the story over on Fieldhouse Media, a company […]

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Why do You Want to Play College Sports

Playing your sport in college will be some of the best years of your life. It will set you up for success and forge incredible friendships. Unfortunately, too many athletes want to go to college for the wrong reasons and end up missing out on college sports altogether. If these three reasons are why you want […]

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Cross Country Scholarships by the Numbers

There are more opportunities to run cross country at the college level than almost any other college sport. With so many programs, finding an opportunity to run in college and earn a scholarship comes down to looking at schools you did not initially consider. Use our graphic as a guide for finding programs different programs. […]

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4 Tips to Becoming a Better Offensive Lineman

If you’re an offensive lineman or if you dream to become one, “BIG” is your lifestyle; and if it’s not, it should be.  Offensive linemen are normally the largest bodies on the field at any given point.  It’s their job to protect the team’s most important offensive weapon, the quarterback, and to create holes to […]

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