Tips For Potential College Walk-ons

A great question was posted on one of our favorite recruiting blogs, Coach Thurmond’s College Golf Recruiting Blog. A recruit asked him, “For the Walk-On Tryout in September, do I just show up and play, or is there a registration process?” Not all Athletes are Scholarship Athletes We have discussed walking-on as a topic before, […]

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The Top Recruits Have What Most Recruits Don’t

Student-athletes need to realize when it comes to their recruitment the more they do to get their name out to coaches the better their chances of being offered a spot on a college team. It is extremely important for potential recruits to realize their  skill level and to understand where they stand on the playing […]

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Las Vegas Recruiting Showcase: What Athletes Can Learn

If you want to get recruited by college coaches, attending summer camps and showcases is a must. We’ve talked about it before, but taking the right steps before you attend camps and showcases can make all the difference between getting a scholarship and not getting a scholarship. Collin Host, a senior set to graduate in […]

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Lacrosse Proves to Help One Football Recruit Get Better

Serious athletes take all aspects of their training into consideration; they are always looking for ways to improve and be the best. You may think that because you are a two-sport athlete that you are doing all the work you need because you are always working out, getting stronger and training. No doubt, being a […]

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Learn More About a Potential School With This Information

We talk about what to look for in a school in terms of athletics quite often, but athletes sometimes overlook the academic aspect of the recruiting process, even though academics and athletics are equally important. Here are some things to look at when researching the academic side of college opportunities. Admission Requirements Academics play a larger […]

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Lessons From a Top 30 Basketball Recruit

When most athletes think about preparing for their college recruitment, they picture themselves working harder in the gym or maybe attending showcases and combines so they can have the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and increase their exposure. Many athletes don’t choose to think about helping their recruitment by putting in more […]

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What Happens to Athletes When a School Cuts a Sport?

The University of Maryland recently announced that they will cut seven sports teams from competition for the 2012-2013 school year. In the past, we have written about how funding for college sports may have a different impact on your recruiting, but this story goes even deeper to highlight the issues around money behind college sports. […]

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Don’t Lose Eligibility Because of Travel Team Associations

The NCAA has focused on limiting the influence coaches at top AAU basketball teams have in the college recruiting process in recent years, and they are continuing to crack down on the issue due to athlete eligibility issues. Playing on a club or AAU team is a key part of the recruiting process; they allow […]

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Simple Steps to Make College Recruiting Easier for You

When you hear the word character brought up in the recruitment process, you probably don’t think much of it. Most recruits believe they are just fine in the character department and would rather dedicate their time to playing and getting their name out there. They don’t understand that having good character traits will help them […]

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Steve Spurrier Shows How to Take the Right Approach to Recruiting Camps

Spurrier said they had over 400 kids come to a one-day camp at SC today from places as far as FL and NJ. — Kristi Dosh (@SportsBizMiss) July 17, 2012 2012 marks Steve Spurrier’s 20th appearance at SEC Media Day. Spurrier’s first appearance came in 1985, almost a full decade before the birth of most […]

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