Oregon Headed to Hearing After NCAA Negotiations Break Down

Oregon and the NCAA were unable to reach an agreement on summary disposition, Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reports. That means that Oregon will go to a Committee on Infractions hearing, likely some time next spring:

In a response to the NCAA’s draft, Oregon altered language in a fashion that lessened its role in some of the proposed infractions. Those changes included one key edit that appeared to focus blame on Lyles for not providing the written scouting services for which Oregon said it paid the $25,000.

That disparity – and the total redaction of four other proposed violations — could reflect why Oregon and the NCAA’s committee on infractions have not been able to come to terms and now must head to a hearing.

The fact that Oregon and the NCAA disagreed on draft language suggests that the case had not yet gone in front of the Committee on Infractions for review. Given the level of scrutiny and amount of information made public in this case, if the NCAA and Oregon had agreed on findings and penalties, it would have likely come out at some point.

That said, summary disposition in this case was always going to be unlikely. This is the first major case under the new recruiting and scouting service guidelines. It seems unlikely that the school and the NCAA would ever agree on how to deal with the case given its novelty. Even if they did agree, it is hard to see the Committee on Infractions passing up the opportunity to rule on essentially the first case in a new area.

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5 Responses to Oregon Headed to Hearing After NCAA Negotiations Break Down

  1. beaverorange says:

    Duck for cover.Adios Chippy!

    • Goducks says:

      I’m sure the Ducks little sisters… OSU will jump all over this. Make a BCS game and win a PAC 10 football title and than you can pop off…

      • CollegeFootballFan says:

        Win a “natty” before you pop off lol. Not that it’s going to happen now…

        • Goducks says:

          A lot closer to the natty than The Beavs and 99 percent of college football teams. Not many teams have made 4 straight BCS games including The Natty.. Many many teams only wish they could state that….

  2. Goducks says:

    I sure wish I had the money that Scam Newtons father made off of Auburn to deliver his son to Auburn and no real NCAA investigation. Oregon starts winning and all of a sudden……

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