NCAA Deals Blow to Academy Football

An NCAA interpretation published today draws clearer boxes around what is considered a scholastic or high school team:

The committee confirmed that a team made up of prospective student-athletes (e.g., home school or academy team) that is not organized or administered under the auspices of a scholastic governing body is considered a nonscholastic team.

This means that on top of the scheduling issues for a school like Eastern Christian Academy, football coaches are not permitted to watch the games. Same would go for basketball as well, outside of the periods where observing AAU contests is permitted.

Posted on by John Infante
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2 Responses to NCAA Deals Blow to Academy Football

  1. MarylandHSFootball says:

    How does this effect scholastic teams that would play an academy or home school? Would coaches not be able to view the game film if one of the teams is non scholastic?

    • John Infante says:

      Coaches would not be able to attend the game, but they would be able to watch game film since the rules about watching nonscholastic video were removed.

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